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Posted by RENEW International on Jun 6, 2017 11:06:41 AM

The Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to us in an effort to draw us closer to Christ. Sometimes it is an intuition, a fleeting thought, a strange coincidence, or the deep feeling that something is missing in our lives. Sometimes we may feel the Holy Spirit nudging us, but we decide to ignore it. Sometimes we forget to listen.

Brian and Valerie are a couple who abandoned the practice of their faith at a young age. Seeds of faith had been implanted in both of them, but it was a long time before those seeds began to take root. In the interim, Brian says, in a quest for happiness they “focused on all the things that we thought mattered.” What Brian and Valerie came to realize through personal conversion experiences, is that the Holy Spirit is active in our lives, touching and leading us forward.

Conversion is not a one-time event. The Holy Spirit, the principal agent of the evangelization—working within us to lead us to encounter Christ and working through us to touch the lives of other people. By giving witness to our faith in word and deed, we may never know how many others will be touched in the future. 

Brian and Valerie's story is one of a series of videos developed by RENEW International as part of the Be My Witness process. These real-life stories offer examples of Catholics witnessing to the power of faith. The videos and companion book form the core elements of the small-group phase of the parish formation process designed to engage parishioners as disciples in daily life and in parish evangelization outreach. 

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